Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Bunnies and legwarmies

Gosh it's been a while. Not much listy progress, but I have been knitting. There was this fun cutey:

mini Sophie 2

Also these, which I popped in the mail to English nephlewling this morning:

legwarmies 1

Being modelled by his cousin, who seemed to think they were pretty swish:

legwarmies 2

legwarmies 5

Also a very pleasant anniversary evening was had last night. Yum! 

Sunday, 13 November 2011

#21 - colourwork

Some knitting progress to report for #21. Happy to say I finished my colourwork mittens in time for the birthday recipient's 40th:

I also finished off a random WIP from my WIP box - a slouchy elephant beanie I designed. I'd knit up to near the end of the elephants, but hadn't left any notes on what I'd done so far or what I planned to do to finish. Helpful. I vaguely recall notions of writing this one up as a pattern but given the lack of instructions I can't say for sure whether I did or not. Never mind, it's cute anyway:

I have also gone through my hat cupboard and selected a bunch I never wear to give to charity. Mostly they're heavier-weight ones, which I find too warm for our mild winters here. Naturally, this leaves more room for new hats. Hurrah!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

sunday stuff

Usually I find redbacks nesting in the patio. This morning there was this instead outside of Martha's window:

Which explains the bizarre noises coming through the baby monitor. Cheep cheep, scratch scratch. Dave has chivvied it along but I can hear it again, so suspect this might be the start of a battle of wills.

Some more knitting progress this week, but all on presents so no photos yet. Last night I started a project with Cascade sport weight, which I've never used before. It looked quite loosely plied but is knitting up nicely. Bit hard to get excited about knits when it's over 30 degrees though.

Instead, I'll share some toddler activities that kept Elly busy for about ten minutes each this morning.

For #36 - Elly making his own colourful t-shirt. We love fabric markers!

Off the list, we did some of this, which was a big hit:

And because the embroidery hoop quickly became used as a crown, this:

Which he then wore to the plaza, naturally.