Sunday, 13 November 2011

#21 - colourwork

Some knitting progress to report for #21. Happy to say I finished my colourwork mittens in time for the birthday recipient's 40th:

I also finished off a random WIP from my WIP box - a slouchy elephant beanie I designed. I'd knit up to near the end of the elephants, but hadn't left any notes on what I'd done so far or what I planned to do to finish. Helpful. I vaguely recall notions of writing this one up as a pattern but given the lack of instructions I can't say for sure whether I did or not. Never mind, it's cute anyway:

I have also gone through my hat cupboard and selected a bunch I never wear to give to charity. Mostly they're heavier-weight ones, which I find too warm for our mild winters here. Naturally, this leaves more room for new hats. Hurrah!

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