Saturday, 10 December 2011

progress ahoy

Sometimes I need to talk about things to motivate me to do them, other times I just need to shut up and do them. There’s been a little bit of doing things.

6. learn new fingerpicking techniques for guitar

Have discovered small windows of time when Martha is happy to laze on the floor and listen to me play and sing. Am surprising myself with ability to practice; although I must admit usual tendency is still towards being easily distracted and ending up using the time to write new songs instead. Still, I’m having fun working my way through lessons. Also getting inspiration from listening to more folksy alt-country type music. Currently loving Jordie Lane.

37. use my washing line more and my clothes dryer less

Yes. Not much to say about this one, except that I’ve been doing it. Oh and mum made me a very sweet peg apron, in which I feel quite the 1950s housefrau.

7. run city-bay fun run faster than I did last time

My short term goal is to be able to run 5 km comfortably before I return to work. Surprised by how excited I’ve been about this, but after taking things easy as advised by physio, have started a couch-5 km training program. Shouldn’t surprise me, I suppose, given before Martha I was at the gym three times a week and doing PT every saturday. I’ve really missed that post-exercise buzz and feeling of virtue.

Shouldn’t be too hard on myself after the first session, but there were some negative thoughts and a bit of, “are you sure I used to do this?” from my body. Then I got into the swing of things and felt quite chuffed about how nice it was to be all sweaty again. Also being out without the pram - bonus.

12. record some of the songs I’ve written

Enjoyed mucking around with a borrowed microphone, but I found it hard to find Martha-free times to record. Instead I tried putting together a few different test tracks and just ignored that I can hear her in the background. Loving Garageband. Am now thinking of picking up some midi-cords to record some piano and guitar directly. 

I’ve also been knitting, naturally. Mmm, check out the pretty parcel!

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