Friday, 28 June 2013

bit o' boasting

I would like to take this opportunity to mention how fabulous my mother is. Of course, most people have a fabulous mother, but I rather think my mum is much fabulouser. There have been many demonstrations of this over the years.

On this particular occasion, she has made Martha the most exquisite 2nd birthday present. I must admit also that Martha, Elly and I have all been playing with it since its arrival on Wednesday night.  As you read you must at no time imagine that Martha is standing nearby, protesting vociferously that someone seemed to be hogging her present for the time it took to take these piccies.

First there is the wee cabbage patch doll, with hair and eyes to match the birthday girl. Note the snuggly PJs.

Because while in her PJs, every girl needs a place to sleep. This one has her own handmade basket (which naturally travels with convenient handles) and wee pillow and quilt.

But wait... every girl also needs clothes to wear. Cue a handmade case, zippers down each side.

And inside... a change of clothes for every occasion.

Oh yes, these are actually handmade outfits mum has sewn. Would you like to see a fashion parade? Or course you would. Cue some funky music.

I forgot to take a photo of the matching blue bucket hat, as was distracted by discovering this green skirt with trimming.

This pink top has to be my favourite. I mean Martha's favourite. No, dang it, I mean mine. Does it come in medium ladies size I wonder?

She isn't nekkid under there, either. To cover the cabbage patch nappies, there's some wee white bloomers.

Another yellow and green combo. As she says to Martha, I love your granny "this much".

But I've a few yellow things. Is there anything red? Any perhaps some stripes?

And if I fancy rumbling around in activities a skirt isn't best suited for?

And if it should turn chilly? Can I rug up warm? Why yes, and in style.

Martha was feeding "baby" this morning with her wee bottle. I tried to snap a picture as that would have been a perfect way to end this post. Alas she would have none of it. So I shall have to leave you with this cuteness instead. Nice work, mum.

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