Wednesday, 11 June 2014

in which I sew cushions and remember why I prefer to knit

I really should not listen to ladies on the internet who say things can be whipped up in 5 minutes. Unless they're talking about meringues. Still, it is good to tackle sewing projects periodically, if only to remind me how much I love to knit.

You'd think if I made the same mistake on every single sewing project I'd learn and get better. But no. I suspect with knitting there is much more time for me to notice I am doing things backwards and that piece is THE WRONG WAY AROUND. Anyway, I tried to channel my mum (ie competent and composed, and swearing a bit less) and eventually got there. 

Am rather chuffed with the result - finally I have done something with the fabric I printed at the workshop last month. The brown rainy fabric was in my stash and I stopped by an op shop this morning to grab a few cushions to recover. Instead I found two inserts for $1 each. Sweet!

The ladies were inspired by my morning coffee doodle, and the Billy Bragg line, "And there's you, a little black cloud in a dress"; although I made the cloud grey so it wouldn't be so dark overall. The suitcase was hard to include, not helped by the fact my little template insets stuck to the ink on the first printing and as a result all but one are blobby. Still, in my head she had a suitcase even if I can't recall the song explicitly saying she's leaving, so I wanted it there. I was rather keen on capturing an idea, or a "song image", rather than working from the aesthetic of what the sketch looked like and how the fabric would look. Given my head is full of hundreds of songs and drawing is not my strong point that seemed to work well.

In other news more worthy of a six-month wait to update, on monday I ate the first ever apple from my new apple trees (number 35 - plant mini-orchard). Tasty! I wasn't expecting to get any in the first year, and had completely forgotten one was growing. I hadn't noticed it since it was small and green so was delighted to find it ripe and ready. Can't get much fresher than this.

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