Wednesday, 31 August 2011

40 things to do before I'm 40

  1. bake sourdough bread. then give starter culture and recipes to someone else.
  2. plant sunflowers with Elly
  3. go see an opera
  4. go on a proper holiday
  5. finish piecing blocks for my “old t-shirts” quilt
  6. learn new fingerpicking techniques for guitar
  7. run city-bay fun run faster than I did last time
  8. buy an overlocker and learn to use it
  9. make a meaningful video and post it on youtube
  10. learn to cook on bbq
  11. paint the living room
  12. record some of the songs I’ve written
  13. do kitchen science experiments with Elly
  14. get a tattoo
  15. do a wine tasting trip with Dave where neither of us has to drive
  16. get a dog, or get chickens. probably not both.
  17. help Elly make or decorate a kite, then fly it
  18. try out playing a banjo
  19. make or renovate a piece of furniture
  20. make cheese
  21. finish knitting 10 things from my ravelry queue (not all hats)
  22. donate blood regularly
  23. write my will
  24. watch a TED talk every week
  25. replant my veggie patch. install a second one.
  26. make a pinata
  27. rewatch all my favourite movies
  28. stay a whole weekend in a nice hotel with no plans
  29. make Martha a book about inspiring women I have met or read about
  30. bake an apple pie from scratch and make vanilla icecream to go with it
  31. do a WEA course on something just for the fun of it
  32. watch an eclipse or other astronomical event
  33. organise all my craft stuff and my work space
  34. stop buying cards and make my own
  35. de-grass, build shade shelter/bird netting, and plant fruit trees in the mini-orchard area.
  36. design and make some fun clothes for Martha and Elliot
  37. use my washing line more and my clothes dryer less
  38. sew skirts from all the pretty cotton I’ve been collecting
  39. go to gold class cinema with Dave
  40. make a gingerbread house
Some of these I have done before. Some will take longer than others. Some I'm unsure of - number 14 I'm looking at you. Clearly there's similarities throughout; I guess 2012 is going to be the year of making stuff.

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