Wednesday, 31 August 2011

And I'm out of the gates

Sometimes planning projects is as much fun as actually doing them. Perhaps more fun, given it’s all about possibilities and imagination and less about expending any actual effort. Anyway, I have baby steps to report, as follows:

# 35. Bought green manures to put into mini-orchard over spring/summer to keep out the grass I pulled up on saturday. After which I really should have stretched, my hammies still ache from the unaccustomed exercise. p.s. I heart Eden Seeds

#20. Ordered rennet and other ingredients for making gallons of feta cheese from the lovely peeps at cheeselinks

# 24. Watched a TED talk at this linky

# 38. Went to Spotties and bought some poly cotton for lining skirts and some zips

See, it sounds a bit like I’ve merely been buying stuff and arseing around on the interweb, but really this is progress. It’s all about perspective folks.

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