Wednesday, 26 September 2012

# 21 knitting

As you'd expect I have had no problems ticking along with this one. The purpose was to knit 10 things from my Ravelry queue which weren't all hats. Here are some updates, and as you will see, they are not all hats.

Inspired by the colour scheme of these beautiful things I appear to be collecting...

... comes a hat with natural shades of brown and brown and more brown. And a bit o beige.

I say that as if I designed it to match the tins, which of course I didn't, having used a lovely Jared Flood pattern. This one is also a hat:

And this one appears to be too:

spidey hat blocking3

I made this one up when someone posted a picture of Emma Stone from the newest spider man movie wearing something awfully similar. But hooray, this isn't a hat:


Ravelry details of the cardy are here. And finally, my favourite of all. This is a hat, designed by me, for someone else, from the books about The Gruffalo

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