Wednesday, 27 March 2013

op shoppin' again

I have a day off, so naturally am about to embark on an op shop crawl. I thought I would visit my old stomping ground on Prospect Road. Since I moved it seems to have become quite a funky area. Sure the two things are not related. To get me in the mood, here are a few pretties I picked up the other day:

You can't have enough fake-retro print brown mugs, can you? A nice size for a hefty cup of tea.

I fancied this wicket basket, wasn't bad for six dollars, in reasonable condition. Thought I could upgrade the peculiar catches and maybe put some interesting fabric inside. But wait, there was already something hiding inside!

Genuine old plastic. Not sure if this thermos works but it's rocking the orange theme.

Certainly matches the orange plates and cups. Hang on, what's that little brown and fawn do-dad?

It says to pull apart slowly. Ah - that would be because there is genuine vintage salt and pepper still inside. Bonus!

More to come later I am sure.

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