Monday, 20 May 2013

happy birthday Elly!

Remember this little guy?

baby elliot with bear

He recently turned 5. Much excitement! We had a great party with some of his kindy friends and, naturally, a superhero theme. I made some capes out of cheap plastic tablecloth. Elly chose the jellybean contact to put letters on the back.

Their favourite game was one where we lined up cardboard boxes and had them pretend to be the Hulk and smash the city down. Spiderman web-slinging game - shooting silly string at posters - also went down well. I didn't get any photos of these but I'm sure some of the other parents did.

A proper new bike for the big boy.

With clearly the coolest bike helmet ever... well done Dave who shopped around for this one!

Not a kid's party without some sugary treats:

Happy birthday, little man!

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