Thursday, 13 October 2011

He's always a Giles to me. Oh and some knitting.

I've been ill so not much listy progress. There has been a wee bit of knitting:

The red is 4ply Morris and Sons which I picked up either in Sydney or Melbourne last year. Lovely and soft, but haven't used because the strands tend to unravel and annoy me with its evil splitty evilness. For these gloves I'm knitting twisted rib quite tightly on 2.15 mm dpns which is producing a nice looking fabric. On reflection I wouldn't have chosen the long-tailed cast on, although it is suitably stretchy, I should have made the effort to work a tubular rib cast on instead, which would sit a bit more neatly on the wrist. However given I had that annoying perfectionist thought after finishing 4cm of tiny rib for the first glove, it was tough luck as there was no will to start again. Stay tuned for some funky colourwork, also known as a good excuse to buy some more luxury Bendy wool in the guise of practising my two-handed stranded technique. Ha, that rhymed!

I missed my TED talk last week. That's what happens when you're seduced by the shininess of cheesy telly instead of the serious business of learning. I tried to rectify that by watching what I thought would be an enlightening clip on music's effect on the brain, specifically on a schizophrenic violinist.  I didn't find it particularly inspiring. I zipped through to the end where the chap was playing a violin version of Yo Yo Ma Bach's most famous cello piece, but found this annoying too because I prefer the tone of the cello. I shant link to it because there seems little point in circulating things I'm a grump about. Perhaps I am not in the mood to be educated. And on that note, I shall share something else I clearly am in the mood for, some vintage Anthony Head. Although surely Young Giles would be more taken with a lass drinking a good pot of tea rather than some tatty instant coffee? But nevermind. And don't bother telling me that Anthony Head is a real person who plays different characters while Giles is not. For as Billy Joel might have sung in an alternative Buffy universe before being fanged by trampy vampire Willow, He's all-ways a Giiiiles to meeee.

Some random observations while I'm here. Because babies feet are clearly not cute enough, mankind invented the novelty sock:

And because toddlers cannot pull enough strange faces, the novelty glasses:

It's not exploitation for my own amusement if they enjoy it, right?

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