Sunday, 9 October 2011

no progress, just medieval shenanigans

Not much list-related going on this week. I have been busy with other important things like watching Medieval Giles, otherwise known as catching up on Merlin episodes before season 4 starts next week. Before this latest obsession I thought it would be really twee but it’s oddly addictive... mostly because Merlin is quite a sweetie, it’s usually funny, there’s manly knights ripping their linen shirts off at the drop of a helmet, smirking baddies in tight leather and whirly scarlet cloaks, and the actors are surprisingly good. As Anthony Head says in a behind-the-scenes clip on being King and swordfighting, “this is why I went to drama school”. Sometimes I wish the women had a bit more to do, but you can’t have everything.

It’s weird when you’ve been watching a lot of a show, even though you know none of it is real, it’s still odd to see behind-the-scenes shots of knights playing ping pong. Also things like:
And for some anachronistic funnies, this charity vid takes the cake. Uther answering the phone still cracks me up. Although it took me a few views to notice the guard with machine gun behind him.

Bring on season 4! When will Arthur figure out that Merlin has magic? Will Arthur beat his 5 second record for whipping his shirt off? Will there be more Gwaine (inquiring minds want to know?) Of course there will. Hurrah!

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