Sunday, 2 October 2011

Knitting progress

Some progress on #21 finish knitting 10 things from my queue (not all hats). I’m very chuffed with my latest knitting project.

I started these before Martha was born and it has taken me ages to finish them off. I originally made the first mitt with a simple ribbed finish across the fingers. Then I decided I’d rather have them with part fingers, so frogged and reknitted the first one to match the second. There is one minor error that is the sort of thing no-one else on the planet except another mad knitter would notice, unless you put it under their face and say, “Hey look how I worked these incorrectly so they don’t actually match. See the onion shaped motif there...” and then even Dave, with zero interest in knitting, will patiently look and see what I’m talking about.

With these two motifs I’ve barely scratched the surface of the patterns in Maria Erlbacher’s wonderful book, Twisted stitch knitting. This is one of my favourite knitting reference books, along with Alice Starmore’s Book of fair isle knitting and Sharon Miller’s Heirloom knitting. And of course Barbara Walker’s stitch dictionaries... Anyway, I have been thinking of different projects I can use as samplers for more twist stitch patterns, and wondering whether it might be worth just knitting up some swatches instead. But knowing me, this is the kind of project I’d start and soon become bored with. At least with projects there’s incentive to finish as you can wear them. I had a slightly insane thought about a huge afghan made with sampler squares or columns, but think it more likely I might have a go at a hat instead. Something along the lines of Meg Swanson’s twisted stitch hat from Interweave knits, but with more motifs, perhaps?

In non-knitting news, I found some time yesterday to finally finish off the “non-listed” mobile for Martha I posted about earlier.

It is now hanging out on the patio, to keep it out of the way of the cats while I figure out how to attach it to the ceiling. Lest you think they are above such kittenish endeavours - Dodgy did attack it yesterday while I was reattaching the hooks. I booted him out of the room, but I have to admit there was a nano-second where I had to remind myself there was probably some form of animal cruelty involved in allowing a cat to super-glue himself to your mobile.

In case you were wondering what everyone else has been doing, today the boys were inspired by the ‘legs appearance in the prelim final. I should add this was early in the game. They made Elly his own little banner.

We then took it out to the garden for him to run through. Much cuteness ensued.

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