Friday, 21 October 2011

Mixed bag of shopping

In case anyone was wondering why I want to highlight role models for Martha, here's a nice illustration. I don’t go out of my way to be a humourless feminist mother, honestly. Sometimes this stuff just comes to you, like when buying Martha a rattle. Now I have no problem with little girls wearing pink. I pop Martha in her wee pink bodysuits with a smile. Her room is fairly pink. Some of her clothes are even a bit on the frilly side. I also expect there’s going to be some of this in the future:

And maybe this:

When it happens, I'll deal. But really, this?

And this?

While the boys get this:

And this:

Toy companies, the concept you're pushing here is not my imagination. It is, as your packaging says, easy to grasp. Because girls accessorize, while boys do? I’d like Martha to be a little bit older before we start telling her to limit her aspirations. You'll be getting my cranky humourless feminist mother letter of complaint shortly.

On the happy side of the shops, there was this:

And because I’ve lost another 2kgs of preggie weight I get to celebrate with something frivolous. As the Lisa Hannigan CD I’m eying off hasn’t been released yet, you guessed it, there's this:

Whee! Now I don't have to return it I can be a real nerd and watch all the season one commentaries. And finally, something from Mr Postman to make us all smile:


  1. I can sympathise...I went handbag shopping last week and after finding a bag for myself the sales assistant showed me a tiny pink one, telling me it'd be a perfect 1st birthday gift for my

  2. to put her little lipstick in maybe?!