Friday, 16 September 2011

#2 sunflowers with elly

What’s this by the fence, could it be sunflower shoots? I think it is!

Yesterday I also worked briefly on #6 fingerpicking practice while Martha was kicking around on the floor enjoying some pants off time. I was so tired I was struggling with a simple thumb thumb thumb index-finger thumb pattern; I kept forgetting which was my index finger, and then using a finger instead of moving my thumb to the second string. Sigh.

Not listy related, but also cute. Yesterday I went into town to get my haircut. Lovely weather for a stroll, and a good opportunity to use a birthday voucher for urban cow I’ve had gathering dust for a shameful amount of time. Martha and I spent some time admiring all the pretties, and came home with this:

Thanks, Marg!

Now if only someone could hold the baby so I could enjoy a leisurely cup of earl grey...

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