Saturday, 3 September 2011

Can’t help writing in dot points

On #35 - replant the mini-orchard area. I’ve used this patch several times for veggies and it has lovely quality soil, party due to lots of added organic matter and regular green manuring. This year I’ve let it lay fallow, which I believe is a legit term for not doing anything and letting the grass grow. I’ve pulled out most of the grass, as you can see.

My dilemma now is what to do with the jasmine. When we moved in it was a wee sickly plant and I nurtured it back to life. More fool me, it is now taking over the universe, or at least threatening to swallow the garden shed. I keep having to hack off bits to open the shed door. Which is sometimes difficult as the hacking equipment lives inside the shed.
Anyhoo, I see several options:
(a) get a chainsaw
(b) cut it back right at the root and let the rest die, then pull it out gradually
(c) keep looking the other way and let the bees be happy.


This looks like another mess I’ve made round the house but really is me progressing #38 (sew skirts).
I’ve been inspired by the lovely warm weather to get started on this. On saturday mornings Dave takes both kids shopping, leaving me about an hour to do whatever I like. Usually the “I like” involves the lazy boy, a novel, a haigh’s dark choccie frog and my second mug of coffee ‘o the day. This morning I realised perhaps I had erred by not putting “eat a haigh’s choccy frog” on the mega list. Still, the skirt is almost half done.

In other general listy news, have had a lot of most excellent suggestions that didn’t fit onto the 40. I’ve decided instead of chopping and changing I shall create a short substitution list, to be called upon when I realise that something on the main list is:
(a) nuts
(b) ridiculously ambitious
(c) not going to happen despite my best efforts
(d) a bad idea after all.

I’ll endeavour to replace like with like, ie not to remove a project that will take several months and replace with a five minute job. It might seem like cheating, but then, this is my list, so I get to make up the rules. Hurrah to being the boss of me! Or as Elly said to me yesterday, “Yes Sir mummy”. The boy is learning.

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