Saturday, 10 September 2011

# 27 re-watch favourite movies

This one’s gonna be fun. I’d love to start with something classy like Kurosawa’s Ran to give myself some cinema buff cred, but to be honest, as well as liking some very good movies I’m also a fan of schlock done well. So we started today with The First Wives Club.

Why? No real reason except that it without fail makes me laugh. I went to visit Dad’s plot in the cemetery for the first time today so a giggle was much needed afterwards. And what’s not to like? Three very classy, very funny female lead actors, strong support (who doesn’t love Maggie Smith in everything?), a likeable plot, and some cracking one liners, delivered artfully. Martha even had a little dance-along to Sisters are doin’ it for themselves.

Favourite quotes:

(Sarah Jessica Parker) “Talk about class-free dumpster woman.”

(Goldie Hawn) “You think I don’t have feelings? You’re wrong. I have feelings. I’m an actress. I have ALL of them.”

Best enjoyed with a glass of champagne.

In other listy news, I thought that #21 - knit 10 things from my Ravelry queue would be the easiest to achieve, but I seem to have lost my knitting mojo. So instead I’ve gone back to work on one of my own designs. These are a pair of fingerless mitts which use a technique I really love, some Bavarian twist stitch patterns. They’re like cables but smaller, and they come out looking a lot harder than they really are to work.

The other night while feeding Martha and web surfing at 4 am I discovered that a singer I really like, Stephanie Dosen, is also a mad keen knitter. She designs some cute and quirky little things. There is no logical reason this overlap of interests should matter, but it made me happy.

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