Monday, 19 September 2011

#27 favourite movies

The next fave movie to get a rerun - The Hairy Bird. I may possibly be the only person I’ve met who has seen this. Plot is fairly simple: in 1963, an exclusive girls’ school considers merging with a boys’ school to end its financial woes. The odd girls out at the school have their own club where they assist each other to achieve goals; ultimately including stymying the co-ed merger plans. Mostly it's a lite n' funny movie with lots of strong female characters. I love Lynn Redgrave as the headmistress, particularly the scene where she throws her tea cup against the wall. Go Lynn!

Favourite quotes:

Miss McVane (Lynn Redgrave): Ah, the master race has arrived.

Verena (Kirsten Dunst) to Odette (Gaby Hoffman): You really do have quite a way with words. You should be a speechwriter, or a demagogue, or something.

Verena: Most of the girls here at Miss Godard's, they've got all the opportunities to become something: a good upbringing, a great education, they're loaded. But in ten years they'll all be married with three kids and two cars and a Colonial and a collie - they're finished. That's why it's called a finishing school.

Verena: Where would we be now if President Kennedy had said, "Oh, well, we'll just have to adjust to living in the shadow of nuclear warheads on Cuba"?
Odette: They’re just boys, Verena, not communists.

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