Friday, 16 September 2011


Elly and I had a lovely morning making our non-listed scarecrow and other outdoorsy activities. First we made the scarecrow.

Morning tea break... that scarecrow making is hungry work.

Elly hid inside for a bit to watch some telly while the noisy lawnmower man was at work. Then it was back to the grindstone... up he went.

Next job - hat selection. I thought this old one of mine would do:

Elly disagreed. His choice...

We spent some time admiring our newest whimsical windy-things.

Then it seemed like a good time to clean out the water play table which hadn’t been used all winter. Elly was inspired to scrub other things too (note the scarecrow's rejected hat). The chair, the wall, the floors...

Also my feet and stomach, but sadly no pictures of that. Then bubble time.

Whew... I need a rest. Some yawning on cue for the camera and a pretend nap.

Great morning, mummy!

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