Friday, 9 September 2011

Show day

Unexpected progress made on #17 - fly a kite with Elly. He chose a Toy Story show bag with a kite. We may end up flying this one instead of making our own. He was most upset later that we couldn’t go outside and fly it in the rain. Or throw the Toy Story frisbee in the rain. Or blow bubbles. In the rain. I’m guessing the request made perfect sense to him given we went to the show in the rain. My favourite moment of the day was his excited little jig when he saw the ferris wheel up ahead as we were walking towards the gates.

Was great fun that Elly was old enough to enjoy us taking him on the rides. Or I should say Dave taking him on the rides, while I checked out the food and craft displays. Found some of the knitting ho hum but was impressed with these little mice on their little sofa:

May have misjudged timing... looking at cake and other foodie displays at morning tea time. Here are some phone snaps I thought Elly would like:

Then I ate donuts. Hurray showtime!

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